Nepal Institute of MLM


Write and Earn program:


Do you want to write and earn money online? We offer you to learn content writing with income. You will get paid for content creation /article creation. You don’t need to be an expert/experienced content writer —you just need to have good writing skills in English and a deep interest in writing articles.




write and earn



You do not need to have any advance relevant experience, skills or   hold any particular qualifications, but you must have basic concepts on:

  • Search Engine
  • SEO
  • Google AdSense Policy
  • Article writing strategy
  • MLM Knowledge
  • Digital Marketing




  • The article must be unique
  • The article must contain a minimum of 600 words
  • 100% unique contain ( you can check from plagiarism checker)
  • The article must be related to MLM business, Digital marketing, and business knowledge.


You will earn revenue for every article that is published.



  • Paid out via Esewa, Bank, PayPal, mobile top-up.
  • Create Your Content and earn Money Online For Free


Before starting to work as a content writer for our site, you must appear on the following SEO test.

Candidates are required to answer as far as practicable. Copy and paste answers from google and any other source is strictly prohibited.




You are applying for a content writer, we hope you have good knowledge of this subject matter.