What is Ganoderma?-The king of herbs

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What is Ganoderma?-The king of herbs




Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom containing high medicinal properties. The research found a total of 38,000 species of mushrooms worldwide. Of these, only 2,000 species were found to be edible, while 36,000 were found to be non-edible. It is known from various facts that some mushrooms are very poisonous. Of the 2,00a0 species of edible mushrooms, 200 species were found to have medicinal properties.






While deeply researching 200 species of fungi, Dr. Dato said that 6 types of fungi are essential for the human body. These are:

Types of Ganoderma

Types of Ganoderma


Lever Gano

Peacock Gano

Kimshen Gano

 Brain Gano

Ruyi Gano

Heart Gano 

Ganoderma is produced through tissue culture method.

Etymological Meaning /merits of Ganoderma:


Ganoderma is derived from two Latin words. These are Ganos and Derm. Ganos means Brightness and Derm means Cell, Skin, Flesh. Overall, the Ganoderma is so named because it has the best fungus to make the cell clean and healthy.

In China, it is called Linzhi. It means Divine life force. In Japan,

it is called Rishi. This mushroom is the best of 365 herbs and no.1.

Kabuto in the Philippines and Ganoderma in Nepal are known as red mushrooms because they are red. Ganoderma is the king of herbs. There is no better herb in the world. By working miraculously in human health with no side effects and completely curing any kind of disease and health problems, it is a high-quality food and not a medicine.


Note: The given picture is not an exact picture of Ganoderma…it is given for illustration only.

Which flushes out the toxins that are bad for the body. Ganoderma works for the body’s cells, the nervous system as a whole. Ganoderma is one of the best resuscitative high-quality miraculous substances in the body that seeks out all the diseases and disorders of the body by itself and throws them out of the body by itself.






It has been found that some people call it medicine because it works like medicine. But it is not a medicine but a high-quality herb. The drug has side effects but Ganoderma does not. Ganoderma makes the body healthy by treating all kinds of problems in the body.





When treating one disease with allopathic medicine, it starts creating other diseases. Experiments have shown that red mushrooms (Ganoderma) are the best of the healthy and long-lasting herbs that do not have any negative effects.




Medicines work to suppress diseases in the body, while Ganoderma works to uproot diseases and disorders in the body. Herbs were discovered during research about 200 years ago. 365 types of medicinal plants were found.





Of these, 120 types of plants have the best medicinal properties that can cure the disease by keeping the body in balance, 120 types of plants have the best medicinal properties that can keep the body in balance even if it cannot cure the disease, and the remaining 125 types of plants have medicinal properties that benefit the body.





The red mushroom Ganoderma is considered to have the best quality. Called the King of Herbs.

The miraculous work of Ganoderma !!



People have been using Ganoderma for thousands of years, but they still don’t know much about it. They only knew that Ganoderma always keeps them young, eliminates the defects and problems in the body, and prolongs life. Many scientists, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical colleges, etc constantly researching on Ganoderma. Many researchers have published the fact that Ganoderma helps in the following.







Here are the miracles performed by Ganoderma:

  • To give strength to the heart.
  • Controlling the blood pressure.
  • Reducing cough and coughing.
  • Always keep your mind calm.
  • Reducing tumors.
  • Cleansing and regulating the intestines.
  • To protect the liver.
  • Disposal of defective substances in the body through defecation, urine, sweat, etc.
  • To detoxify Always keep the body fit by providing strength.


Dr. of Japan. Shigeru Ujica’s research and treatment of a wide variety of patients have resulted in the following basic reasons for proving that it is a kind of miraculous nutritious food that is very useful and medicinal.

According to him, the work done by Ganoderma can be written in this way.

-It regulates blood circulation and normalizes red and white cell membranes in the blood.


-It regulates blood platelets and cures thrombo genesis. It lowers blood sugar, strengthens the liver, lungs, and bile cells, and helps them to function properly.


-It removes all chest diseases and strengthens them. It treats cancer cells and prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body and reduces the pain caused by cancer and prevents death.


-It helps balance the adrenal glands and endocrine glands.


-Even if for some reason other medicines do not work to cure the disease, it makes the medicine work.


 -Helps to reduce body pain, provide strength, increase the ability to fight disease and make it completely healthy.



-It prolongs a person’s life and also enhances mental memory.


-It prevents the growth of unwanted cells and tissues in the body and prevents allergies.

-Helps in body detoxification




NIMLM-Nepal Institute of MLM. This article is written by the team of NIMLM to help people to learn about Ganoderma and its uses or benefits on human health. Ganoderma is regarded as the king of herbs. Ganoderma is raw materials for lots of dietary supplements of DXN companies. Ganoderma is a very good natural herb, and daily consumption of Ganoderma can help to maintain a fit and good body. Please contact us for any kind of natural dietary supplements.


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