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Motivational Speech on MLM Business -NIMLM SEMINAR 2021

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This article is written by the Nepal Institute of MLM converted from a motivational speech given on MLM business by Prakash Silwal( MLM entrepreneur)



Only those who have closely watched the struggle with difficulty can understand the value of success and change! Observers from a far speculate that it is lucky. In fact, the world would be even more beautiful if we understand the importance of helping each other like ants and cooperating together instead of competing.

Good Morning …. Hello! Good morning !!

Today, after many days, I would like to say something about the networking business. Those who want to understand this business, may want to continue their business by meditating on me. .Protest for the sake of protest, protest for the sake of not being able to do it, protest for the sake of not reaching one’s level, protest for the sake of thinking that others will also fail when one fails …..
Protest without really understanding reality born and raised in such a society, no one dares to agree on completely new work and ideas in our lifestyle. Success in the networking business can only be achieved through a strong desire to change one’s life, a desire to learn, and a desire to see progress not only for oneself but also for others. So, if you protest by studying deeply what are the positive and negative aspects of the networking business, then your protest will make sense instead of protesting without studying the reality.
Speech on MLM
You know this, I know this, I know that there are good and bad things in every field. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Do we need to understand that the person there is bad? Is the rule bad? Is the ruler bad or is the product bad? We can be proud of ourselves if we can identify the facts by studying so many subjects well.
Now let me try to tell you a little bit about the networking business. Of course, for you (the opponent), networking business looks like a terrorist organization, and the businessman involved in it is considered as a terrorist, a traitor.
From my study and experience over the past years, the network business is the largest, most attractive platform in the world. It may be the only business in the world that does not require ethnic, class, gender, geographical or educational qualifications to be involved. Everyone gets equal treatment and equal opportunity.
motivational speech on mlm
You have read a lot, you are working, you are a doctor, a pilot, an engineer … even better, this business is still suitable for you. You can do networking business while doing your job. And even if you haven’t studied, there is no problem.
It is essential for you to start a networking business because the networking platform is the largest university in the world. Here you will get every positive education, practical and moral education so that you can live a comfortable life and you will rise above the economic growth rate.
Another topic: To be successful in the networking business, you have to invest financially, many friends are afraid that they will be cheated. First of all, you have to understand yourself and identify what is right and what is wrong. Only invest in the business and then you can make a profit. If you invest financially without research, you can fail not only in the networking business but in any other business.
Networking is the only business in the world that can be started with zero financial investment. So I’m proud to be a networking entrepreneur.
I was such an unfortunate person while studying in college, even though my education was of good quality, I was forced to come abroad to work to solve my family and financial crisis. I am not the only one. It is like this.
speech on networking business
I used to consider myself unlucky in the past but now I consider myself lucky. I give credit to the networking business. I am especially happy that DXN has taken my life in the right direction.
So networking business does not require a huge financial investment. The main investment is the time that we have available. It is also possible.

Why invest time?

– To learn, to teach.

How much time to invest?

– Only as much as possible from you.
So how much financial investment do you have to make?
– Financial investment is also needed, but only a few thousand, not millions. Where we spend money on products that we buy from the traditional market for daily consumption is the financial investment for the networking business. We should be able to change the brand.

Can Networking Business Succeed?

– Yes. It is important to understand that the networking business is a direct sales system. No matter how many rich people there are in the world, they have not become rich by the wealth of their ancestors, they have not become rich by taking jobs, you have not become rich by working in a company like us. They have become the richest people in the world because of their business in the direct sales system. Like Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, Reliance and Geo company owner Mukesh Ambani, Alibaba company’s owner Jack Ma …. and CG Group owner Vinod Chaudhary …..
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We can’t think or believe that we will be as successful as these. But people of our own level, of our own society, people like us who have come abroad with problems have also made a name for themselves by joining the networking business. I have mentioned the photos of those people by searching them from your mobile, what are their past and present? Evaluate yourself. Thanks !!

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