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How to earn money from home?

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Are you intereted in online earning? , do you want to make money from home? ,then you are in the right article .In this article you will learn how to earn money from home. Read this article till the end to know How to earn money from home using picoworkers.Picoworkers is legitimate and genuine freelancing site where you can do task and earn money from your own room .




View of some of Picoworkers.com users:

Some people say they’ve been paid with no problem when they want to withdraw their final amount. And other people said that they were not getting paid even when they asked for support. So again, it’s good to do your research and look through the comments and see what other people have to say.

So far, I haven’t heard any negative reviews about Picoworkers. But I will walk you through how to set up an account, how to complete a task, and show you what it looks like once your job has been completed and where you can withdraw your payment.

The website you go to is Picoworkers.com. As you see in the following picture, Freelancers, you deliver work and get paid, browse small jobs, select jobs you like, finish tasks as required by an employer, submit proof, and earn money.

They do not own the domain Picoworkers.net so make sure you are only going to Picoworkers.com. And if you scroll to the bottom, you can see different featured small jobs that they have on their website, writing a review, completing a survey.

Make money with picoworkers
make money with picoworkers

How to set up an account ?

how to join picoworkers

Join Now

And then  you have to put  your name, your email, and password as you see in above picture. Now it’s very important, you can only have one account per person so if you make an account, don’t make any more otherwise your account will get banned.

Use your real name and put your real name and your real country as well, okay, because if you don’t, you might end up getting banned. So just make sure to put all real information about you. 

you will get 0.50$  as a signup bonus.


You   will get a verification email in your email inbox :


and it will take up to five minutes for the email to arrive. Make sure to check your spam folder if not, because it might be in there. And make sure to click the verification link within 24 hours because it’s only valid for 24 hours. So once you’ve verified your account,you can go ahead and login.

You have  to put  security question and answer. And have  to make your profile look authentic. So put a nickname. And then you can put  a profile page title and about me. You might just want to say something like,” I’m am a student and specialist in writing  article“.

You can put  anything; it doesn’t really matter. Then have to put a little something in the about me section. But again, it’s not  important. You can click on profile pages from other members to get an idea of what to write but it’s not, in my experience,it’s not important.

 You can see  small jobs like below”s picture . And then you can scroll down and see some of the jobs that are available. This is very similar to microworkers,there are a few differences. You can sort jobs by the newest and the highest paying but you can’t sort them by other metrics.

But again, you have the job name, you have the payment amount for each job completed, you have the success rate. You can  try   for ones that you see a lot of green which means they have a high success rate of people completing the job successfully and getting paid. Then they have a TTR which means time to rate.

 It  might take seven days for the employer to rate your job. So you get that money that you make in your balance.So they have that many jobs available. Now, when you’re doing these, I would not  recommend you to click on any job where they’retrying to ask you to sign up and put in personal information. I mean, you can if you want to, but I think it’s a risk. I wouldn’t want to personally.

 I recommend you to  look for the jobs that are like search and browse websites, for example, jobs where you have to Google something, and then go to someone’s website for a few minutes, or other jobs where you have to like their video onYouTube and share their video on YouTube, things like that.


Again, you can scroll through and look at the different types of jobs available, but I recommend look for ones that are rating and reviews. When you choose the job,it says we need to know more before you can continue working on small jobs. This is needed for statistics,so  you have to put  your city or the city closest to you.

How to do work ?

Make sure to put in your correct city just so you don’t get banned, then put  your gender, put  your date of birth, and then click submit and start working. Okay, and once you do that, you can go ahead and click on the job that you want to try.E.G You can  try any  small job .

earn money with pico workers

For example ,if you choose you tube channel creating task ,then you can see the link. And what you have to do is copy and paste that link into a new tab. And that will bring you to just a page .And you have to follow instruction as below picture:

how to earn money from home

When you  you finish the job, Enter proofs .

earn money online
earn money from blog

There will be no exceptions to this rule. So make sure you are submitting correct proof or you can risk losing your account. They also say if your temporary success rate goes below 75% you will not be able to submit tasks anymore for a few days.

So make sure that you are maintaining a high success rate. So if you do a whole bunch of jobs and you still haven’t been reviewed, you’re risking the low success rate, so try to go for the jobs that will rate you within two days or two to three days to keep your success rate high, if that makes sense.

Earn Money Now

So once you finish the job, just paste the proof in the box.Sometimes you will have to submit a screenshot of proof and Picoworkers doesn’t have an option for you to upload a picture. So what you would do if you have to send a screen shot would be to go to a link to print screen or they have the little link . There’s many different ones and then you can upload a picture and share the link to the picture for free. 

So once you’ve completed that, you can click I confirm that I have completed the task. And then it will say well done, the employer will review and rate your tasks soon. So if you want to view the tasks you have finished, you can  click tasks you finished. And then here you’ll see I have ones  a  submitted task. It says tasks are reviewed in one to 3 days.


earn money from home


You can also click on your balance and as you see, I had that 0.50 $ signup bonus.

So once above job will complete, that amount  would be added to that balance. Now when you want to withdraw your money, you have  to click on the withdraw button at the top,and then when you click on place a new withdrawal request.

earn money from home

 So it shows  you can place a withdrawal request if your earned money balance is over $5 plus a fee. So this is good because with microworkers, you have to earn at least $9, I believe, but this is only $5. And that’s a good way for you to test it to make sure that they’re going to pay you so you’re not doing so many tasks.

 Again, if someone has experience using Picoworkers, and has been paid, please share in the comments. So the other people reading  this article  can read  what they can expect how long it takes to get paid. If you are going to use PayPal, please make sure your Picoworkers email matches with PayPal. So if yourPayPal email is qumaru@gmail.com make sure that your email here is also qumaru@gmail.com  or whatever.  

Thanks for reading this article till the end.Do not forget to react and comment.

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