Causes/reasons of disease in the human body-with the best remedy tips

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Causes/reasons of the disease:


From time immemorial, people have come up with a number of theories about the cause/reasons of disease. In different medical systems, many causes are shown in their own language, but in the end, all in all, in one word, one of the main causes of the disease is TOXIN.







Toxins are any kind of thing that is not the body’s own and causes disease. Such toxins can come from both living and non-living things. Toxins from living things immediately cause disease within a few days, within a few weeks. Most toxins from inanimate objects first accumulate in the body and show disease after a long time. Such a disease is called chronic disease. Such as;

  • cancer
  • asthma
  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure, etc.

The main causes /reasons of diseases in the human body:


(A) Toxin





Our body does not need, more things than necessary to enter the body, it accumulates toxins in the body, which is called a disorder. It makes our bodies unhealthy. From the polluted air we take in, chemical, chemical mixed cold, alcohol, cigarettes, eating habits interfere with the natural activities that take place in our physical condition and increase the chances of getting sick.




(B) System Imbalance



As the body accumulates unwanted material in the cell, the system cannot function properly which is called system imbalance. When the system is not able to do the regular work, various diseases start to form. For example, if the circulatory system fails to purify the blood and send pure blood to the cells, then high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart and liver problems will appear.





In the same way, when the digestive system is not working well, problems like gastric, ulcers, constipation, etc. start appearing. When the nervous system does not work well, problems such as brain tumors, brain cancer, and depression begin to appear.

In fact, various researches have proved that even if the cells are clean and healthy, they do not have to suffer from the disease. If the cell is healthy, no problem will appear in our body. The   RG cleanses the body of toxins. The gano Cinium GL helps to balance the imbalanced system. Therefore, Ganotherapy is the only natural treatment today.





Gano has the ability to solve all the problems of the body by increasing the immune system. Strengthening the whole system in the body, not being able to work regularly, imbalance in the system is the reason why various problems start appearing in our body. Which we call disease.

For example, when the blood pressure level is high, the disease occurs, and even when it is low, the disease occurs.

When the amount of sugar in the body is high, the disease occurs, and even when it is low, the disease occurs. When the amount of fat in the body is high, the disease occurs, but when it is low, the disease occurs.

Excessive production of hormones leads to disease and low production of hormones causes disease. Even if the amount of nutrients in our body is high, the disease still occurs. Lack of nutrients also caused the disease.


Ganoderma treatment does not lower or higher blood pressure,  it does not reduce the amount of sugar and also controls it. It activates the production of insulin hormone in the pancreas, regulates glucose levels, normalizes cholesterol levels, and normalizes the process of hormone production, so it is called the same remedy for all problems.

Ganoderma works to keep our body in balance by supplying the essentials in our body and controlling the unnecessary substances and throwing them out of the body.Ganoderma Works on the following :

Circulatory System


Skeletal System


Muscular System


Digestive Systein


Respiratory System


Reproductive System


Nervous system


Lymphatic System


Excretory System


Glandular System


Urinary System


As long as all the systems come in a natural way and regulate their functions, there will be no problem in the body, that is, according to the chemists, there will be no disease. When they are deformed or attacked by external toxins  the cells die, various obstructions are created in the system, and there are irregularities and imbalances in the body.

The disease also attacks the cells first. So even when treating, the cell should be treated first. When cells are healthy, tissues, organs, systems, and the body are healthy. Consumption of Ganoderma heals the cells and makes the body healthy. When the main system of the body is imbalanced and irregular, people start having various problems, that is, diseases.


It is very useful to use Ganoderma to avoid these causes. This is because ganoderma works to balance unbalanced systems, flush out the many types of toxins in the regulatory system using various means in the body, and replenish essential nutrients.

The use of Ganodama does not harm on our health. It cleans the cell itself and keeps the whole system running smoothly. German physician Hans Rich Reckweg MD who is called the father of homotoxicology. “If a toxin succeeds in entering the body, it can lead to disease,” he said. Homotoxin contains both live and non-living toxins.

Both of these types of toxins enter our body through different means. If the digestive system, respiratory system, skin lesions or the external environment of the skin are damaged by food and objects, the bacinhar enters the body through the skin. If the toxins that have entered the body cannot infect the cells, they will remain in place.

. When the body becomes weak or the immunity  decreases and then causes disease. Pediatric work to cure the disease is not done by the doctor’s hospital or medicine, but by the immune system. Every man’s friend exists his physician. If the physician inside the body does not work, the physician outside cannot help the patient.

According to Frangingelfinge, the New England Journal of Medicine, 85% of the body’s ability to heal is within our body. Our body is our Doctor.Dr. V. Segal says that cancer cells are formed in the human body round the clock. However, not all of us get cancer when the immune system cannot destroy the cancer cells. Necessary and unnecessary things are created inside our body.


Health is wealth .Health is to be completely fit with physically,mentally ,&socially.The outcome of health is happiness.In this article , we have discussed about how toxin causes disease in our body.We have also discussed about the best remedy too. Ganotherapy is really works on our body to maintain good health.

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