Mutual funds- What it is good to invest in mutual funds?

What is Mutual Funds? What is mutual fund? lets discuss the meaning of mutual funds with simple example.Every month when our  income is credited then we  keep some part of that income in saving account.   We  keep some money as savings for our  later use maybe for future expenses  , for other uses such […]

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NEPSE-(Nepal Stock Exchange)-Market Cap meaning

  Basic Meaning of NEPSE: Hello everyone welcome to Nepal Institute of multi level marketing ,in this article you are going to learn about NEPSE /Nepse  index. Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) was founded in 1993 AD.  It  is located in Kathmandu Singha Durbar Plaza.More than 300 companies are registered under Nepal Stock Exchange. As of […]

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Sarbottam Cement IPO-upcoming ipo nepal-nimlm-no.1 company.

SARBOTTAM CEMENT IPO   SARBOTTAM CEMENT-IPO(Initial Public Offering) -upcoming IPO Nepal. Brief Information about Sarbottam  Company:     SCML(Sarbottam Cement Limited) is one of the best Cement manufacturers companies in Nepal, located in Nawalparasi,state-5(Headquarter). Sarbottam cement is one of the best cement in Nepal. This is one of the good brands in the Nepalese Market. […]

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