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About us -NIMLM


We started the NIMLM to spread /provide awareness and Knowledge of Multilevel Marketing and Digital Marketing to the Internet user. Our deep interest, experience, knowledge, and endless effort drove us to start this website to help people to start a genuine MLM business with proper guidance as well as we are dedicated to helping people to learn digital marketing through this website.




about us-NIMLM





The core activities of NIMLM include Providing Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Selling business knowledge, & Digital Marketing (SEO, Content Marketing, Blogging, Modern vs traditional marketing) knowledge.


Kumar Teyung

Kumar Teyung


Admin/Owner of the website.

” The youngest Motivational Speaker, Blogger, MLM entrepreneur, Content creator.”


Kumar Teyung is the founder of NIMLM. He is doing Digital Marketing for a Long time. He is fueled by his passion for understanding the nuances of cross-cultural advertising. He considers himself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on his academic foundations in Information Technology and Management and stays in tune with the latest digital marketing strategies through continued coursework.


Tara Nath Poudel

Tara Nath Poudel

IBO-Management Team

IBO/MLM Expert.

Yam Prasad Khanal

Yam Prasad Khanal


Yam Prasad Khanal-Trainer/MLM coach.

Santa Kedam Limbu

Santa Kedam Limbu


Trainer/MLM coach.

Mina Ram Khadka

Mina Ram Khadka


First CA from Nepal.Youngest and great IBO from Nepal.

Asish Jasani

Asish Jasani

IMD-International Managing director



Nepal Institute of Multi-Level Marketing -Knowledge zone for the digital marketers.

Nepal Institute of MLM



NDSOC-Nepal Direct Selling Online Class


NDSOC (Nepal Direct Selling Online Classes). There is an opportunity to take Digital Marketing Course Online in Nepal. If you want to do digital marketing with training, then message us.


If you have been studying SEE, +2, bachelor, technical, all over the subject and are looking for a job, don’t worry anymore, we have brought you a Training (Course + Business Opportunity) focusing on you. If you want to understand, please contact us.



We will provide information about our courses or classes. Don’t miss this opportunity of Training NOTE: -100% job AFTER THIS TRAINING 100% Passive Income Opportunity.


What Do We Offer:

  • Leadership Skill development course
  • communication + Prospecting Skill Enhancement Training
  • Digital Marketing Fundamental + Advanced Course
  •  Human Chain Development Course for MLM Leaders
  • Course on Way of Natural Health and dietary supplements
  • Content Marketing
  • Motivation and Career counseling
  • Web development +Blogging

Why  NDSOC Course?

1. Concept

Our concept – to provide zero price and high-quality service, to keep a low profile while generating high income. This system is equitably accessible to anyone of any background




2. Mentorship

We have Well trained trainers, leaders, which show both quantity and quality performance. There is less wastage of time, money, and resources if you are properly trained.



3. Opportunity


We offer opportunities for everyone to start a business with low-risk and low-cost: we are the world’s largest Ganoderma company and leading international network marketing organization



4. Become A Leader


We make you confident, capable, committed, coachable, and a good communicator and Leader.


Note: Classes are available online through ZOOM.


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